The Holy Empire of Cavlan, as an established sovereign nation, maintains a centralized body to govern the nation and it's citizens. Below, you will read about the Government of the Holy Empire of Cavlan, it's functions, and it's impact on the daily lives of Cavlan's Citizens.

The Imperial Crown

Cavlan's Most Serene Charter establishes the Imperial Crown of Cavlan, which is described as an Absolute Monarchy. This means the Holy Emperor (or Empress) is the Head of State, and Head of Government, and maintains absolute control of all functions of Government. The Holy Emperor (or Empress) maintains day-to-day administration of the Government, such as creating laws, overseeing Foreign Relations, protecting the interests of Cavlan's Citizens, and maintaining order throughout the nation.

Currently, Conrad I serves as Holy Emperor, installed by the First Constitutional Imperial Council.


The Most Serene Charter of Cavlan establishes a legislative body called Parliament. The Parliament consists of one House called the House of Commons, which is an elected body of representatives from each District as defined by the Holy Emperor (or Empress). The Parliament creates legislation that becomes law once agreed to by the Imperial Crown.

Currently there are no representative districts established, and there is no parliament seated.

The Premier

The Most Serene Charter of Cavlan establishes the Office of the Premier, who is essentially the executor of the laws created by the Imperial Crown, and Parliament. The Premier, when one is elected, and has seated a Government, is Co-Head of Government, and functions in the Executive Capacity, as allowed by the Imperial Crown. The Premier is joined by the Vice Premier, who shall succeed the Premier should the need arise. The Premier is also joined by the Cabinet of Cavlan, which shall consist of appointed Heads of each of the Executive Ministries of Cavlan, with approval by the Imperial Crown.

Imperial High Court of Cavlan

The Most Serene Charter of Cavlan establishes a High Court of Cavlan to provide for a judicial body to hear cases of Criminal, and Civil nature. The High Court consists of one Judge, referred to as the Chief Judge of Cavlan.

Currently, Emperor Father Matthew maintains his role as Chief Judge of the High Court of Cavlan.

Current Officials and Heads

Holy Emperor: Conrad I

Premier: VACANT

Vice Premier: VACANT

Speaker of the House of Deputies: VACANT

Chief Judge: Matthew OJP, Emperor Father

Minister of Foreign Affairs: VACANT

Minister of Mass Media: VACANT

Minister of Public Safety: VACANT

Minister of HIM Treasury: VACANT

Minister of Justice: VACANT

Minister of Finance: VACANT