Citizenship of the Holy Empire of Cavlan is extended to those who have a desire to obtain it. There are two types of citizenship, Full, and Honorary.

Full Citizenship

To become a full citizenship of the Holy Empire of Cavlan, one must have a serious desire to become a legal and full member of the community. Full members are entitled to vote and participate in elections, and state referendums. Below are the requirements to obtain full citizenship with Cavlan:

  • Submit an application with the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (linked at the end)

  • Submit property to be annexed by the Empire, so that you can claim residence.

It is up to the applicant whether or not they should desire to reside within the Empire, if not, honorary Citizenship will be the next best thing.

Honorary Citizenship

To become an Honorary Citizen of Cavlan, one must submit an application with the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. Honorary Citizens do not count towards the full population of Cavlan, and are not entitled to participate or vote in Cavlanian Elections.